25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders

  1. A 6’4 210 lbs being pushed to the ground by a 5’9 162 lbs (soaking wet) guy…..I didn’t even notice the flop when I saw the game live. I thought it was a legit foul that sent Montero off.

  2. Complimenti per l’ambiente così caloroso.Finalmente il calcio (soccer) è diventato importante anche negli Stati Uniti.Bello l’ambiente, stadi fantastici e soprattutto pieni di tifosi!!!

  3. this is what football is about when it builds up to mean something. The EPL is so good because it’s over 100 years old, so we have had time to build these rivalries etc etc. The MLS will and is getting much bigger and people are taking more interest. It’s not boring like it was when the MLS first started because nobody had enemies, nobody had allegiances to any teams. This is football, it’s not boring

  4. I’m a Seattle fan. Eddie Johnson’s goal was stellar. However, the Timbers have a starting 11 that hasn’t been scrambled every game. It’s really hard to play well when you’re teammates keep changing. And I’ll admit, Portland’s Army is impressive. Lol! Montero starts the whole fight by pushing Horst. I don’t blame Montero, the losses are probably affecting his morale terribly, but by Johnson’s body language, Horst was talking mad shit. But Boyd puts his finger in Montero’s face. How rude.

  5. I’m a Quakes supporter and love the California Clasico but I’m a little jealous of the Cascade Classic. The fans…closest thing you’ll get to Europe

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