19 thoughts on “EXTENDED Highlights: Montreal Impact vs Seattle Sounders – The Playback, June 16, 2012

  1. Might be over used but when you go in clearly showing your studs , your getting a yellow, many examples in the Euros at the moment.

    He goes to get the ball but completely misses it. No where near it., and gets all the man. Studs up gets the ball , foul yellow. For a dangerous tackle. Studs up not getting the ball and the man, and obstruction with out a doubt a red

  2. The Rivas tackle on Montero is not a straight red, one he got the ball, two didn’t hit with the studs. As the commentator said Rivas scissors Montero, that was the thing that got him the yellow and not the tackle itself which would have been fine if he didn’t take his legs out.

  3. I agree that MLS refs make many bad calls but please stop complaining cause Montreal completely dominated this game. It was a massacre any way you look at it.

  4. Studs up is such an over used term and hardly relevant to Hurtado’s challenge. Rivas had a “studs-up” tackle. JHK clearly is going for the ball but is late. No intent to harm. He clips his thigh not the knee if you watch the replay. If you’re talking about career ending tackles like the one on Zakuani by Mullan, you’re far off in your comparison. This was a clear 50/50 challenge that showing red for is ludicrous.

  5. Quite honnestly, If Rivas’s tackle was in the first half, he would of have god a red. If Hurtado’s was in the first, he would of have got a yellow.

    Truth is, First half the ref was HORRIBLE for Montreal. Marsch complained during his half time interview and had a talk with the ref right after half time. Since Don Garber was watching, he decided to turn the tables and “even it out”. Was horrendous refereeing. But quite honnestly, MTL lost a LOT of points from reffing, bout time we get some back

  6. Studs weren’t exactly up (cleat was raised), wasn’t malicious… but I can see how it looked bad from the refs pov. Still, ruined what would have been a good fan. Plus Rivas getting away with a scary tackle later in the half is really bad.

  7. Harsh? I’m a neutral here man and come on, that was a red. High foot, studs out, thats an instant red. Thats how you break legs man. It was very very clumsy.

  8. As a Seattle fan, That was an obvious red card for Hurtado, Going in Studs up thats a yellow even if he gets near the ball, but he gets no where near it and makes contact with his knee , that can be a career ender.

    But yeah rivas should of been sent off aswell

  9. Not sure who had the worse game, the refs of Seattle. Coming from a Seattle fan. Rivas tackle on Montero is a straight red!!!! Harsh on Hurtado. No consistency. Hope Mark Geiger can re-watch his calls in the game and see how horribly wrong he was.

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