24 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Montreal Impact vs Seattle Sounders, June 16, 2012

  1. Do you notice how when teams dont win championships elsewhere no one says anthing or goes out of their way to attempt to offend them? No one goes to Golden States channle (Terrible NBA Team) to make fun of them. So why do people coninute to do this to the Sounders? Because they are jealous of our fan base, the support we show, and the fact that we have a dangerous team whom could win the MLS cup any given year. And guess what… we Love it, keep it up 🙂

  2. @117Nikolas fans that go quiet after wondo’s goal? im sure seattle has a supporter shield, 2 mls championships, and has reached the mls cup semifinals the last 4 yrs…oh wait. they dont. at least you can spell correctly..

  3. Toronto FC, and the Vancouver Whitecaps are the other 2 MLS teams from Canada. The playoffs start in the fall, I want to say October/November……

  4. Hey guys, I’m new to MLS. Couple of questions:
    – Are there other teams from Canada on MLS?
    - When will the playoff season begin?
    Thank you!

  5. Thanks.
    If you are a fan of montreal tell you that vaio is a great man and great player.
    He is always “the captain” even if no longer plays in bologna.

  6. certainly not. They’re not gonna leave a stadium, which belong to the owner(Big O doesn’t) that was built in 2008, and renovated in 2012 to rot. There was no publicity at all prior to the opener and it’s the organization’s fault. I’m not sure every game will sell out, but you can certainly expect at least 15-16k every games, which is higher than most mls teams.

  7. Lol they didn’t even get the ads to work until halfway into the game. Oh well, glad the stadium was almost finished in time lol. I hope if I go to Montreal that there’s a game so I can go. ^^

  8. This would be funny if every game at the big O drew higher than Saputo Stadium capacity, but no game in the new stadium would sell out. I wonder if they would permanently move to the Big O if that was the case lol?

  9. Reasons Why Montreal Won:
    1. Controlled the ball better
    2. Won the free balls
    3. Closed off Seattle forwards
    4. Amazing job with passing & trapping the ball

    Reasons Why Seattle Lost:
    1. POOR defensive line
    Without Alonso & Ianni in the line-up, Montreal controlled 4/5 of the pitch
    2. Letting the refs control their feelings towards the match
    After the cards, esp the red, the Sounders lost drive to win
    3. Gave the ball away from bad passes & traps
    4. Could not finish scoring opportunities

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