25 thoughts on “US Olympic Controversy, USOC Final set, WFC giants collide – The Daily 8/7

  1. I wouldn’t go as far as to say the best team ever most top European clubs youth teams from their academy’s would beat any woman’s team.

  2. well I may not be the most intelligent but from an unbiased perspective I can assure you that overall, Canada was robbed… trust me I’m a referee

  3. who cares who rare they make that call the bottom line is canada was in violation and the ref made a good call the USA is simply the best soccer team ever period!!! thwy wen’t on to be japan in the gold medal game to cement their legend status !!!! The USA womens team has won the last three olympic gold medals!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It never should’ve been a penalty and they were also lucky to have gotten the freekick just before that. Canada definitely deserved to go through in this game.

  5. Rule says the goalie can’t hold the ball for more than 6 seconds. They consistently held it for more than that, in an attempt to slow down the faster US team. Also, I don’t think that stomping the face of an opponent is really good for the game either.

  6. USA gets screwed in World Cup matches all the time! Whether or not it should have been called it was still a penalty! Ps Head stomp by Canadian player should resulted in a red card!

  7. not at the olympics so go away. it’s like calling a penalty in the last 5 minutes of a tied stanley cup. just stupid. then two stupid calls in a row to top it.

  8. usa played way better. if you’re a good team you’ll win in spite of a ref that you think may have cost you. canada shouldve had a player sent off. if that had happened it never wouldve been close to begin with. also canada had all of extra time to score but they couldnt. so you cant blame the ref

  9. I don’t understand why people think the rules for big games are different than any other game of soccer. If the goalie is time wasting the ref has every right to make that call. Big game or not time wasting is an epidemic in big tournaments and let this be a warning to all of the other players who like to waste time while their team is winning. It was the right call, even if it is rare. Like i said, you can’t just change the rules of the game because it’s a semi final or a preseason match.

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