25 thoughts on “MLS 36: Montero – Soccer Tennis Promo

  1. That said both players are stellar in MLS. I only hope they can make moves to leagues with a higher quality of play. That would be the next step. Quakes will surely win the SS this season and have a goddamn good chance at the Cup. Either way. Seeing San Jose in CONCACAF Champions League play will be awesome.

  2. Both Wondo and Montero are both skilled in different ways. Neither are “world-class” in my opinion. I say this because on a national level they have failed to prove themselves.

    Montero hasn’t been called up to Colombia since 2009 and has 1 goal in 4 appearances. Wondolowski has no goals in 8 appearances. He was DREADFUL in the Gold Cup. Until they make a serious impact outside of their mid-level domestic leagues they are far from world class. Hopefully both can improve outside of MLS.

  3. Wondo is a very skilled player. He is not a finesse player, but he has a lot of skill. Poaching is a very difficult skill, and he has fantastic off-the-ball movement. He’s also very composed in front of net.

    Fredy is all about finesse and style. He doesn’t do anything the easy way, which can be frustrating, but he pulls off some truly incredible stuff. By far one of the most skilled players in MLS. And to Earthquake925, only Wondo and DeRo have scored more goals than Montero since 2009.

  4. Tap-in goals by a poacher vs a player with world-class talent. Talk to me when wondo stops receiving the benefits of his excellent service provided by his team mates. Wondo has no individual skill. NONE! Without his team he is garbage. Fredy can make magic with no assistance.

  5. I’m not supporting either side, but he has had injuries this past season so he has missed numerous games. If he doesn’t get injured, he would stay at top form and play more games. Thus scoring more goals.

  6. It’s a shame that we had to break up the Seattle championship duo of Montero and Fernandez. Soccer tennis will not suffer this much of a blow until Montero leaves for Europe.

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