14 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders vs Chivas USA : US Open Cup Semifinals

  1. For the record thats not even the Sounders Stadium, they are renting it from the Seattle Seahawks, I bet they couldnt even get their own stadium.

  2. I give that to you that the sounders have great attendance, But Not better then any… Bundesliga side no way. Tell me that you don’t watch this and think what a joke? What 2k maybe 3. Look at the DFB Pokal which is the same as the Open cup. Every game is Sold out, Packed to capacity and all starters playing just as hard if it was league. Sounders are one of the very few teams to take this serious. See their 3 going to be 4 titles. Shit this is coming from a Galaxy fan, We played only Rreserves.

  3. E.g. Franck Ribery makes at least four times as much as the Sounders FC team. What a scrappy bunch of never-say-die underdogs those Bayern lads are…

  4. Yes football in Germany is better. Remember this is not even our main stadium. Our main stadium can hold up to 67,000 although we don’t fill it up every game, but do average an attendance of almost 40,000 which is better than a lot of teams in Germany.

  5. WOW this was a joke. Im an American living in Germany. Bayern at that, the Mecca of German football. I really do try to grow interest out side of the US about MLS but it is hard. When Others see this BS!!! I’m NEVER NEVER EVER going to represent this JOKE of a league again. Look at the stadium, how quiet the fans were. BORING FOOTBALL This is why we get walked all over on the LEAGUE stage and WORLD stage. WE need to step our F@^KING game up and take this SERIOUS.

  6. Like all sporting events, it’s as serious as you want to make it. If you don’t care about the Open Cup, that’s fine. We’ll just keep winning them.

    Whatever you think about the Open Cup, only four US teams get to go to the CONCACAF Champions Leage. Open Cup champion is one of ’em.

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