24 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs San Jose Earhquakes, March 31, 2012

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  5. Its not like he jumped to the floor and feigned injury, he just tripped over the guy’s legs, he probably could have avoided it – and it was a very soft penalty, but not as bad as players who constantly dive and roll around. Also I think saying that ALL players are “little bitches” is a fair bit retarded.

  6. #24 on the san-jose team is a little bitch, as a matter of fact, all soccer player’s are little bitch’s with their fake ass injuries. makes me fucking mad, cause when that dude faked and made it look worse they get penalty, I also thought of him as a pussy when he faked his little limp. FUCK! lol I don’ really care that much, but fakers piss me off. but love soccer :3

  7. look I’m an Earthquakes fan, since before the original MLS team left for Houston, but Lenhart is a dirty, dirty player. Really physically talented, but very dirty. That was such a grotesque flop…

  8. surrounding yourself with better players and a better team can make you yourself better, maybe berating people is your thing but when you say that someone sucks then they nearly get the sweetest piece of revenge on your team is pretty low. The thing i hate most in soccer is divers, and every team has those, so if your gonna berate any one berate someone like i don’t know how about Lenhart…

  9. Mature, the guy got cut because he sucks. Just watch same video, and u’ll c! Just because he wear “rave green”(LOL) doesn’t make him a better player lol! lol! Hey when u wore black and red he sucked, and had a chance and missed it(nothing new from Burch)

  10. Hmm someone is being very mature, instead of being happy for ex-player playing for a different team you despise him and immaturely call him scum. While carry on with your derision i’ll be saying of how great of a chance that was, and that it was a great take on it. Making shots/headers isn’t easy, have you tried to redirect a high velocity soccerball with your forehead at a strange angle before? Its not that easy. Burch comes in and makes the closest chance any of the teams got to a goal.

  11. He still played like the same old burch couldn’t finish lol. But i was hoping Burch was gonna start but Sigi was smart because Seattle Scum would of lost lol! The badge don’t make the players, jack lol! Muchless when the badge is rave green lol

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