24 thoughts on “Marko Marin's FIRST GOAL for Chelsea vs. Seattle Sounders: World Football Challenge 2012

  1. He is certainly much more skilled than Podolski – Although we`ll probably never find out how skilled Podolski really is because he is a spoiled brat!

    Marin is amazingly talented but had a lot of problems with injuries the last two years and the fact that after Oezil left Bremen everyone was putting the pressure on his shoulders!

    He`ll certainly will have to put on a little bit more weight and learn to play more rational!

  2. Well… Marin was born in former Yugoslavia and his ethnicity is serbian – Although his parents moved to Germany when he was two years old I guess the language they spoke at home was serbian (note: Marin has a the german university entrance diploma and german citizenship – So no reason for the jealous “he is not german-bullshit”).

    Through the fact that there are no other germans playing at Chelsea Ivanovic might be a big help for him to acclitamize!

  3. i think he ‘s really good. I love his skills and his profil and i’m pretty sure he’ll be very strong in a team like Chelsea. what is the German team that you support ?

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