24 thoughts on “Great Goal! Flying Volley from Patrick Ianni of the Seattle Sounders

  1. the reason he calls it a flying side volley is because flying is just the adjective. it would be the same as if someone said a cracking or splendid side volley. so stop acting like an elitist and learn something before you bash on an american commentator who has more playing experience than you could ever dream of.

  2. Why so much hatred towards MLS? It’s rapidly improving, and I’m delighted to see football taking off in the US, already rivalling some of the smaller European leagues for quality.

  3. Why are you people shitting on the MLS? If you like soccer at all you should be encouraging its propagation in other countries, not trying to prevent it. On top of that this goal is fucking amazing, so clearly you either know nothing about the game or you’re just a douchebag.

  4. seems like only the english bash mls and whats funny is that most of the best players in the prem league arent even english. the world hates america, so it’s natural that they’d hate mls. IM HAPPY THE OLYMPICS ARE IN LONDON, SO THE USA CAN RACK UP THE MEDALS INFRONT OF YOUR FACES.

  5. the reason so many europeans hate mls is because the U.S already has the top leagues in NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and they’re afraid we’re going to take away SOCCER (futbol) away from them too, sad part is the epl is almost a century old and the MLS is less than 20 years old and it already has international recognition. wait 10 years and lets see if MLS is ‘bad’

  6. All of those Euro teams were playing their first teams. But your just another ignorant English, so I’m not surprised you didn’t know that.

  7. Hahah yes congratulations your american teams all put out their first teams, whereas the other european teams played their reserves you treat them like their competitive games

  8. MLS is very entertaining,NY-DC was also a great match. I watch champions league, it’s nice. However, it is not American clubs, it won’t help the national team. So why would I care? This is an American league growing in front of my eyes. From seeing it when I was little, to it being a 17yr league. Many thought MLS wouldn’t be here today, but it is. It will only get better, which will help the depth of the National team. Is It the EPL yet no, but with continue growth,it can be.

  9. Kansas City 2-1 Manchester City / Kansas City 2-1 Manchester United / DC United 3-2 AC Milan (Right after DC lost 5-0 to Kansas City) / LA Galaxy 1-1 AC Milan / LA Galaxy 1-1 Manchester City / New York 1-1 Arsenal / New York 3-1 Juventus / Philadelphia 2-1 Shalke 04. Shall I go on?

  10. MLS is better? You cannot be serious you may have better goals but that also goes down to your apaling defenders if american teams came to the prem they would probably be mid table championship haha

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