16 thoughts on “Instant Replay – Should He Stay or Should He Go?

  1. This guy chats so much shit, does he actually watch football around the world? his points are invalid to fuck! He’s about as cultured as a house brick

  2. Perkins deliberately ran HIMSELF into Donovan, then tried to blame it on Landon, who was holding his prior position and minding his own business. He just wanted an excuse for his team’s suckish defense that game.

  3. Uhhhh… Two footed tackle! Your argument is invalid! and Irrelevant! Could have been a fucking red card. Union should eat their free-kick and like it.

  4. total dive from pontius. he should be fined by the league like charlie davies was. he left his feet way before there was any contact. he looked like he was doing a bellyflop in a pool

  5. what about jack mcbean getting hit in the face while holding the ball for LA towards the end of the match. I’m sure something happened. I wish it could be cleared up.

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