Seattle Sounders Video Ranking: four / five

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  2. kaka sent me here!!

  3. Best transfers 2011-2013

  4. This channel is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. XxCalPr3DaToRxX

    It will be used again coz its lighter

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  8. Thanks for the support and spreading the word!

  9. bring us beckham back to real madrid, WELL GET HIM IN THE ENGLISH NATIONAL TEAM AGAIN.

  10. Man.. I still cant forget di marias wonder goal. Damm that

  11. RONALDO! Lukaku is great too

  12. yet so much feelings for him,… he doesn’t even know you. I see why Ronaldo is always the main talk

  13. The other on is also sexy…

  14. 3:17 The Keeper: Fuck You!!….

  15. NameIsLoevkvist

    I hope you show BPL highlights.

  16. 1:20 He’s Choking me….

  17. ’cause her boob’s showing

  18. Hate Ronaldo…

  19. @1:53 I think the girl on the right is gorgeous!

  20. HungryMonkey1880

    Ronaldo, why are your free kicks so consistent?

  21. lukaku is a beast 2:00

  22. 1:33 you can see her nipple lol

  23. spread the word on facebook friends , i see a lot of new subscribers , i give it another month before we get this going

  24. this channel deserves more subs

  25. Still dont know why Celtic were playing in this, they just arent the same standard as pretty much any of those teams +they are scum