23 thoughts on “Juan Agudelo scores his first goal in a Chivas jersey

  1. Oh i see now! It’s called football, that’s why you didn’t know what he was talking about. Good thing you’re British and can tell me what I don’t know. I’m so stupid! It must be because I’m American, and our culture and vocabulary are different. Asshole.

  2. Juan… you’re doing a great career! You’re inspiring youth! You just keep focus on your goals like up to date… you can be champion of the League like Falcao did in the Athletic Bilbao! Even the Uniform is similar!!! You go for a new Record!

  3. Ur goign by how famous henry is,, not the way he is playing. He does not work half as hard as agudelo nor is he near as clinical as agudelo. Henry is clinical, do not get me wrong, but he just has a lot more skill. Henry is lazy with his skills. Even on a bad day, Agudelo always finds a way to impact the game. You can not necessaril say tht with henry, Im sorry.

  4. slishman918- I agree that he’s a good player and will only get better,but saying you’d want him over Henry is just wrong. Henry is by far the best player in MLS when he’s in form.

  5. “fuckin shit show the goal, not just back and forth passing.” – you sir, are a fucking idiot. the buildup was brilliant. are you even a soccer fan?

  6. He likes the Chivas system, and how he fits in it, and has felt welcome at the club. Why not show allegiance to his new club and the supporters? He has said he would have rather been playing at NYRB, but he couldn’t stay because they didn’t promise him enough game time.

  7. I love agudelo. Soler should be fired. My favorite player on the red bulls by far and then they trade him. Backe was an idiot for not playing him. I would rather have agudelo then henry and cooper both. Agudelo is the person I would build my team around. 

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