LA Galaxy vs Seattle Sounders on December 1

LA Galaxy will be taking on Seattle Sounders on 1 December. This match will witness Landon Donovan taking to the field for one last time. The former US international announced his retirement from the game a few months ago.

This would be his last appearance, but it appears that Donovan does not have any regrets about leaving the game. Regarded as one of the greatest American players of all-time, Donovan has achieved numerous aspects that many American footballer can aspire. However, he has been struggling with motivation since the 2010 World Cup.

Donovan has fell out with current US coach Jurgen Klinsmann, although it appears that both have made up their differences in the last few weeks. The 32-year-old has battled depression and tiredness over the last few years.

Clearly, he has lost the motivation for the game. In one of his final interviews as a player, Donovan says that the sport has moved to a position whereby players cannot think about anything other than games, keeping themselves at a peak condition, and getting results. He says that some athletes may not be programmed to do this on a consistent basis.

The first signs of decline for Donovan appeared after he came back from the World Cup in 2010. He had been playing non-stop football for two years prior to the tournament.

β€œThe way we see athletes β€” coaches see us this way, fans see us this way, the media sees us this way, owners see us this way β€” they want us to live, breathe, eat and die the sport. Every game they want you to go out and do everything you can to make the fans feel good, make the coach feel successful, make the owners successful. I think some athletes are wired that way,” said Donovan. He appeared in 157 international matches for the US.