9 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap: Seattle break long winless streak, NE roll over NY

  1. critical

    Americans stop now even play soccer. that’s an order. Why do not you play hocky or basketball? soccer is for the people of Brazil ok! I am a girl living the city of Rio de Janeiro and not accept it! stop soccer, I’m ordering!

  2. Except that RSL played one more game than the Quakes. The Quakes will most likely win with that extra game at the end and take the Supporters Shield. Come on, MLS, stop being bias and drinking the kool aid of RSL’s “best team in the league” charlatanry. The Quakes are the team to beat.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA New York Red Bulls suck and they will never win an MLS cup and they are disgrace to MLS and nobody in New York cares about them they might as well just pack up and move and relocate to a different mark cause they do not deserve to be New York’s team BRING BACK THE NEW YORK COSMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are kings of american soccer and MLS should bring them back and dump the Red Bulls and send them to Miami to become the new Miami Fusion

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