14 thoughts on “Training Report: Chelsea FC comes to CenturyLink Field

  1. ok……you play minecraft shut up, you little bandwagon douche bag..CFC can suck it i bet you just started following them too its not like Chelsea are the best in the world we might lose but SSFC will lose with dignity

  2. Shut up about chelsea yes they are a great team but we played man u last year and held them to 1-0 at the half and man u is better that chelsea imo

  3. Carefree, wherever we may be, we are the famous CFC! We don’t give a fuck whoever you may be ’cause we’re the famous CFC!

    You guys don’t know what REAL football is… and Chelsea won’t even be playing their best squad because they don’t want to risk injury… Sounders will though, if they want to even have a thought at standing a chance against the mighty Chelsea.

  4. that was good, but i was pissed since the players only signed autographs on one half of the field, and i was sitting on the other half… fml david luiz talked to me though! i asked him about his shampoo

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