25 thoughts on “The Cascadia Rivalry – Timbers vs Sounders on ESPN

  1. California Clasico has been around since we were the San Jose Clash! They’re both awesome rivalries, but Nor-cal vs So-Cal isn’t any younger or smaller. I didn’t even know the PNW had a big rivalry like that. And much props to ESPN for the promo of both games. Maybe America will start tuning in finally get good at the world’s greatest sport! Let’s GO QUAKES!!!!

  2. Looks like they wanted to show both teams in their home kit and from this season’s games, would have been impossible if they’d shown the two playing each other.

  3. Certainly, yes. And to top it off, the California Clasico has more history within the MLS itself, so I understand it’s pretty big. I think the reason you see ESPN & the MLS trumpeting the Cascadia rivalry lately is because or crowd gets really wild & the league wants to televise them to attract more attention to the league so it will gain similar support in other cities. It’s a smart move by the MLS. L.A. already took it’s turn in legitimizing the league by getting Beckham to play there.

  4. Oh, and to answer your first comment, it isn’t MLS who did this segment, it was ESPN. They actually did do a commercial for that; /watch?v=RmLPXiLC4ys

  5. I remember the Aztecs. I grew up in Long Beach. But I guess I don’t really consider the Aztecs the Galaxy, & it wasn’t the California Clasico back then either. Then again, the Cascadia Cup wasn’t named until 2004 even though the rivalry was the same. But if the Aztecs/Quakes is considered the same rivalry by Galaxy & Quake fans, who am I to say it’s not? That would make that rivalry just as old, I suppose. But the Cascadia Cup rivalry is not standing in the shadows of the Ca-Clasico by any means

  6. what and soccer hasnt existed in california in 1975??? Did you know that the Earthquakes and Aztecs hated eachother too? The California Clasico has existed since the 70’s, just because there was no Galaxy didnt mean there was no rivalry.

  7. Where did you hear that? The California Clasico started in 1996. What you didn’t know is that this rivalry started in 1975, well before the MLS. Meaning this rivalry has over 20 years on the California Clasico. Think about it.

  8. this is a stupid argument, I’m Seattle til I die and even I can accept the Timbers Army is better than any Cali team. Oh, and we use the CLink because we can actually get a stadium filled with more than 10,000 people.

  9. Btw, you made fun of Seattle that they “borrow the Seahawks place.” San Jose doesn’t even have their own either. When you finally get that cool new stadium for yourselves in like 2 years, I’ll have some respect even though you’ll still be very small seatwise. The only reason 49,000 tickets have been sold is cause you’re playing at Stanford (FOOTBALL) rather than the usual Crappy Buck Shaw. Also, why should Sounders get their own stadium? Qwest is perfect and they still have room to expand.

  10. Over 49,000 tickets have already been sold for next weeks game. The 1906 Ultras shit on the Timmys Army and Shit City Supporters you know why? Cause I am an Ultra! Seatle has a high attendace cause of the stadium, its not even theirs LMAO they cant get their own stadium that they need to borrow the Seahawks place. Not to mention those are bandwagon fans, I know about Seattle and I know that mostly everyone there did not give a shit about soccer but as soon as MLS grants them a team everyone is

  11. What does winning an MLS cup have to do with anything? Having a better (more winning) team doesn’t mean shit in terms of a rivalry. 1906 Ultras and LA Riot have nothing on the Timbers Army or Emerald City Supporters. Seattle has the highest attendance in the MLS by far (they’ve sold out every game in the MLS and keep allowing more tickets for sale). Portland fans sang the national anthem in the pouring rain for both season openers. Compare that support to San Jose or LA

  12. lol you really are a bitch. talk to me when seattle or portland win an MLS cup. You talk about numbers? Have you not seen the 1906 Ultras or the LA Riot Squad? You really are stupid, we have better teams in California and a better rivalry. 

  13. lol you really are a dumbass. State a fact and I’ll listen. Here’s some facts: Portland and Seattle hate each other and they have the best fan support in MLS. Come up with numbers proving LA and/or San Jose have the best support or that their rivalry is the most followed in the MLS and I’ll listen. Otherwise, just throwing insults and not proving anything will just lead you to embarass yourself.

  14. Yep you have to be a troll or stupid. The “US’s El Clasico” isn’t even between San Jose/LA, but Chivas and LA (the El Clásico Angelino). And neither compare to the fan support and intensity of Portland vs Seattle. Ignore reality and all the facts you want cause you’ll just more and more retarded.

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