24 thoughts on “Steve Zakuani & Brian Mullan Exchange Jerseys, Seattle Sounders vs Colorado Rapids

  1. True Closure. True Players. True Heart. This is what football is about. Whether in America, England, or Senegal, This is why you play football.

  2. we all do, it’s that notorious “sports bra-strap” on the backs of all Sounders shirts and was introduced into the 2011-12 home jerseys, although I am a Sounders Supporter I chose to get (and keep) my 2009-10 shirts (both home Rave Green and away Capital Blue) and not get the new ones, but that doesn’t make me any less of a SSFC supporter at all, it’s called being one from the get-go in 2009!!! 🙂

  3. Check out Keeping a Clean Sheet for out tactical review of the match. How Seattles formation provided free flowing midfield and attack

  4. how the fuck can you say that. watch the incident. his leg is clearly broken. i havent seen a faker be able to make his leg move like that ever.

  5. Its no doubt that diving is an epidemic in the game, its terrible in fact. But to say that he hoaxed the injury is disgraceful to the game. His lower leg was basically snapped in half. It was a terrible, unfortunate moment for Mullan, Zakuani, the Colorado Rapids, the Seattle Sounders, MLS, and all soccer. The fact that Zakuani can even walk after that type of injury is astonishing. I hope you are against diving but more importantly I hope that you care about the safety of all players.

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