22 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers Highlights

  1. The passion of portland and seattle fans is excellent. why are there no mls teams in the southern states apart from texas? do dc united play in the redskins old stadium rfk?

  2. Seattles Sounders 39,469 average crowd in 2012 is very impressive, even compared to the big european leauges! Why is football (soccer) so popular in that city? Great atmosphere in Portland too. 

  3. i only watch mls sparsely but compared to where it was 8 years ago its come along way in exposure and popularity, even if that popularity is very regionalized… it’s gonna be awhile before there’s a substantial tv audience (where our sports league get most of their revenue), but it’s getting better.

  4. LA, new york and philly are pretty popular… DC United will look a lot more popular when they get a stadium that isn’t falling apart (reason a lot of my friends won’t go to the games). Kansas City since their rebranding and new stadium have become much more popular, and the Houston Dynamo have gotten much better attendance since they got their own stadium

  5. So that makes you one of roughly 10,000 people that go to SJ games at Buck Shaw, the smallest stadium and the lowest attendance easily in the MLS. My point stands.

    Stadiums don’t necessarily have to get filled to 100% capacity if their huge stadiums.

  6. oh really do you travel the United States? Do you go to every MLS game? No im a fan of San Jose so that throws out your assumption. Who cares if stadiums dont get filled, not even the worlds most popular teams get their stadiums filled.

  7. I mentioned Galaxy for California, but fans don’t go to Chivas USA or San Jose games so that throws out California.

    Maybe in Houston, TX does that state care for soccer. FC Dallas….nope. Texas will always be a football state.

    Now for New York, Red Bulls are alright in attendance, but with Red Bull Arena (usually atop MLS Stadiums in seating capacity), they should be a lot higher than a middle of the pack attendance.

    I forgot to include Real Salt Lake. I think they usually sell out RioT.

  8. NFL is likely always going to be king in the states. Soccer is still trying to leapfrog hockey (if it hasn’t already), NBA, and MLB, before getting to NFL

  9. Well, there is nowhere in the USA that loves soccer like Portland and Seattle do but those are the closest ones that come to mind and I’m basing this mainly on their supporter groups, not necessarily crowd size.

  10. How am I? I lived 5 minutes away from stamford bridge, went to nearly every match till I was eight, and moved to Sligo, and Now I’m a member of Forza Rovers with my local club in Ireland, so I don’t undertsnad how I’m a glory hunter.

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