25 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders vs FC Barcelona 0 4 all goals

  1. I can’t believe the sounder fans thought they had any chance against barca ´╗┐

  2. its all about the team not one single player. Man City will flop, Real
    Madrid will struggle. both teams have brought to many players at one time.
    Kaka and Ronaldo i think will never work together and will always fight for
    the lime light. Real Madrid will come 2nd. Man City will come 7th. too much
    money for there own good. but its all about opinions i guess.

  3. I want EPL teams to play against MLS teams especially Toronto FC VS
    Liverpool FC

  4. lol at the guy at 1:03. It’s Barcelona. What did you expect? A shutout win
    over Barcelona? Psh..

  5. FC Barcelona is the best team in the world, they realy know how to play

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