16 thoughts on “Seattle Sounders Dir. of Youth Dev. shares his wisdom with young players

  1. There are 33 Colombians in mls and more than 50 countries representing. what does that mean? less playing time for domestic kids trying to get playing time. Coaches like to favor foreigners over domestic players, the only thing keeping coaches from having a full foreign squad is the limited int. roster spots

  2. Ok, well, Sueno is a good way to get noticed if you’re under 18. Otherwise, walk-on try out at a USL team or NASL team and work your way up. If you want it bad enough you’ll make it happen. Hell, there’s a guy playing for RSL who just last season was playing indoor soccer.

  3. NO NO you have to be a foreigner to get noticed. More specifically a Colombian if you want to play in MLS. oh and you have to be 30+ or you wont get any playing time.

  4. Will the coaches scout players from Canada? I’m 15 and I’m currently on FC Edmonton’s reserve team but I want to go to an MLS academy.

  5. Is there a team like that in the fort worth area? I’m really desperate to join a
    Soccer team but my parents always say no. Just like that one guy peoples say no to more than yes:(

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