24 thoughts on “Romelu Lukaku vs Seattle Sounders – By Hussein

  1. How old are you? How many times have you been to Stamford bridge this year? It’s obvious we aren’t at the top any more but at least we have earned our success rather than bought it. How many times did you win the league before roman came to your club? It’s funny how you can even slate my team since you’d only won the league once before you became a rich mans toy. Even with the money you will never be able to buy the success or support of liverpool. As i said, no one respects chelski

  2. we have earned 50m from CL 150m from audi, gazprom, samsung, tv rights etc. so ffp wont affect us when we are spending money we have actually earned 🙂 and lol you cant think of anything else to say apart from your history. sad really. pretty funny that you’ve never actually won the PL yet either. and aww bro you getting mad? and before roman even came we was always top6. and its kinda funny that liverpool are way more of a mid table team then chelsea atm isnt it? 🙂

  3. No one respects what chelsea and city have done. I hope uefa have the balls to enforce ffp because chelsea will be fucked then. Shit fans, shit club with no soul. Rich mans toy. As i said, you’s will be back to mid table once roman gets bored. And once again 5 TIMES 18 LEAGUES CHELSEA WILL NEVER COMPETE WITH THAT 🙂 Now piss off i cant be arsed talking to a 12 year old any more

  4. lmao, cant think of anything else to say? come back when your not living in the past and you actually have a good enough team to challenge for a top4 position atleasttt! lool

  5. never seen someone bum off their clubs history like you. shame really 🙂 and you spent that 50m on carroll,henderson,downing etc what great buys with that money 🙂 and lol your good saying we’ll be mid table in a few yrs, lool i mean if you look at liverpool then there’s a mid table team xD and chelsea have probs won the most cups in the past 10 yrs then any other team in england apart from man utd probably. come back to me when you have a team capable of breaking into the top4 🙂

  6. blah,blah,blah,blah,blah. So tell me… when you gonna start buying decent players to your team? with a history that your so proud off but your team cant get big players to join with a team of your history. why? because your not going to get into the top4 🙂 again.

  7. Oh and our sponsorship deal with Standard charterd is equal highest in the league with man u’s. Our sponsorship deal with warrior is highest in the league. And we have other sponsorship deals like chevrolet who are giving us millions. All because of the LIVERPOOL name, fan-base and history so that stuff does matter :). We have plenty to spend kid

  8. Who gives a shit about “high profile signings”? what are you chatting about ye gimp. If borini does it on the pitch it doesn’t matter how much he cost. You had a high profile signing last year with torres and look how good he done. Oh and thanks for the 50 million for him 🙂 You’s will be back in mid table where you belong in a few years when roman gets bored. You’re not arsed about past success because you’s have got none. 5 times, 18 leagues, your team will never match that. 🙂

  9. theres no one on 250,000 a week… yep owners willing to invest in players such as borini 🙂 god, he’s a high profile signing aint he? bound to start getting liverpool back into the CL places again? 🙂 once again i couldnt care about liverpools past success since its in the past. seems like you wont be adding to that current success anytime soon anyhow. good luck challenging for a top 4 finish next season.

  10. Chelsea won’t be sustainable for long unless they win cups every season. Players on a quarter of a million a week will drain your money once FFP kicks in. 3 years ago Liverpool finished 2nd in the league. The owners sold our best players after that so we went into decline. Now we have owners who are willing to invest and a managers who will have us playing good winning football for years. It feels good to be a Liverpool supporter and we still have our soul. You’s will never match our success.

  11. ive supported chelsea all my life and will continue to support them. FFP wont be able to do anything since all the money we’ve spent is from th money we got from CL, FA cup, TV deals, samsung deals etc… so wont affect us 🙂 Bit of a shame that you cant use that money to bring in high quality players aye? 🙂 borini? lool

  12. Born Liverppol die Liverpool :). Not fickle like chelski fans mate. When Roman gets bored you’ll have to choose another team i suppose. Get your fill now because it won’t last forever when FFP kicks in, we have a bigger fan-base than you’s so we’ll be earning more money. Oh and FSG have money that dwarfs romans. Bye bye, enjoy being a fan of a rich mans play thing.

  13. what a hurtful comment 🙂 bit of a shame that whoever has the money in football will be the ones who bring home the trophies 🙂 i think you should start supporting a different team 🙂

  14. hm not really. Well pretty funny that you still live in the history of your team. that means fuck all now 🙂 cant even persuade world class players to your team anymore 🙂 dont think you’ll be adding to the tally of european cups and league title titles you already have. xD

  15. That the best you can do? haha. Obviously got to you. Which videos should I watch? 1 of the videos of our 5 european cups or 1 of the videos of our 18 leagues 🙂

  16. actually the reason for that is because he’s what… 19? still needs to develop his game and isnt ready for the EPL just yet. But downing on the other hand…

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