23 thoughts on “Roberto Di Matteo & Marko Marin Preview Chelsea FC vs. Seattle Sounders

  1. When i played football manager back in March, out of all the players on earth I bought Marko Marin on Chelsea squad and a month later Chelsea bought Marin. I was like WTF? If it was player like Van Persie, Modric, that would be understandable but Marin, which most of the people would have never even heard of him.

  2. Love his smile when he say My first game for Chelsea! It looks like he really enjoy playing for the blues and is proud to be à part of Chelsea!

    In RDM we trust! The double 11/12!!!!!

  3. torres might be back for the next friendly against PSG but Mata wont be back until september since hes at the olympics with spain

  4. Ah I love Chelsea, altough i live in Munich 😀 … but seriously, marko’s english is so embarrassing

    Don’t expect to much from him – he wasn’t good at SVW last season…

  5. Well although the sounders aren’t the best in the league, they do have some potential and maybe this game could give them the boost they need to become a better team. Hopefully this will be an exciting match!

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