25 thoughts on “PLAYOFF HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs LA Galaxy

  1. As a Galaxy fan, I admit some of the calls in our favor were wrong. Props
    to Seattle for putting up an amazing fight, even with the horrible

  2. Yes his goal was onside but Seattle would still have gone out anyways. And
    the red card is not pointless as the player will be banned for the start of
    next season.

  3. you’re looking at the wrong person for the offsides call, all of eddie
    johnson was onsides

  4. being a seattle fan it may be a little biased…but the ref really did rob
    us. I won’t say anything about the hand ball because the replay shows that
    it was 50/50 in my opinion and it could have really gone either way fairly,
    but to botch an offside call on a goal that was CLEARLY onside and then the
    miss calls and the no calls against seattle, the various goal kicks awarded
    to LA that were clearly corner kicks for Seattle. Proud of my Sounders for
    making it to the semi’s for the first time.

  5. Sorry, but I’ve been playing and coaching for 25 years. For a legitimate
    handball there must be intent. I’m not either a Sounders or LA fan,nor am I
    necessarily an MLS fan – just an onlooker. The rules are clear, the referee
    made a big mistake.

  6. I hardly consider an arm dangling at one’s side, a meter away from an
    opponent who you don’t know where is going to kick the ball, to be
    unnatural whatsoever.

  7. why does the final have to be played at la galaxy’s home? that’s so
    bullshit and unfair. La galaxy will have the advantage.

  8. LA would be out if they didnt get a penalty shot in every game. So cheap,
    LA is weak.

  9. Way to go MLS. Another final with your favorite team, the LA Galaxy. 1st
    goal was way onside. That hand ball was ACCIDENTAL. There were so many
    missed calls that should’ve gone the Sounders way, and the two calls that
    mattered let LA slip away once again. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Seattle
    fan or an LA fan, you should realize that the game should’ve gone 3-0 or
    4-1 (if Estrada had finished that chance near the end). Then there would be
    extra time and possibly penalty kicks. Complete sham.

  10. Eddie Johnson’s talent is quadruple that of Montero’s. There is a lot of
    talent in MLS.

  11. in regard to the ref, they could’ve viewed the man at the backpost
    interfering with the defender, the handball was a penalty, montero dived
    and had no control of the ball, alonso deserved his first yellow score
    would’ve been 4-3 if the first goal was allowed so no matter what la
    would’ve advanced anyway

  12. Baby boy Beckham left. Time for LA fans to go back to their closets and
    revert back to the Basketball fans they always were!

  13. The dips? well that’s history because the most successful team in MLS
    history in DC United followed by the NY Comos lol, Sorry shitsound but u
    guys are still choke artist. lol

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