24 thoughts on “Pappa scores olimpico goal late against Seattle Sounders

  1. wow evem the refs doesnt let the players get the ball common mls fix your refs look at the past fire games your refs arent doing there job very well

  2. it´s true the narrator said: ¨we talked about the conditions….. the angle and the wind¨ but i know that wasn´t the angle and win.. was pappa´s skill… go go pappa

  3. si ahuevos leí comentario anteriores y mucha que desgracia, que tenia que ver USA en todo esto y para mas joderlos el marco un golazo para el empate..!! malditos envidiosos grande pappa

  4. Jajajaj así no vas a llegar a ninguna parte, Me imagino que igual muy hipócritamente celebraste el gol y después pusiste en tu facebook vamos mi guate. Gatoo.

  5. Thats whats up Marco Pappa ! You Got Talent , I like How You Put it down for The Chapines. hell yeah… Thats hard wokl and dedication. Made In Chapin

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