New York Red Bulls going under Many Problems

Things are not quite the same at New York Red Bulls anymore. Thierry Henry has gone and so has Mike Petke, two of the defining personalities at the club in the recent past.

A big chunk of the fanbase of the Red Bulls did not like Petke’s sacking.

The 39-year old might not have been able to make the Red Bulls finish at the top of the pile in the Eastern Conference last season. But, the fans still wanted him to carry on.

The club board, however, did not have the same thinking and Petke was told that he was not wanted.

Jesse Marsch has landed to take his place and he is not a new name to the Major League Soccer. He has had a long stint as a player and as a coach too in the league. So, he knows how it works there in America.

He also understands the fans might be a little angry at this point of time, but, that anger would not exist for a long period of time if the new look Red Bulls’ side start delivering under him in the season coming up.

In the absence of Henry, the most important player for the Red Bulls at the moment is Bradley Wright-Phillips.

However, many believe that Bradley had been so lethal in the last few seasons only because Henry used to set him up.

Marsh, however, has a different point of view. He admitted while talking to the media that Henry had a big role to play in Red Bulls’ successes, but, he emphasized the point that Bradley should be given his due credit as well.

In Marsch’s word, “A partnership works together when both the players are skilful. It can’t be about one guy only. Thierry was obviously a legend, but, Bradley is pretty good too.”