25 thoughts on “Man United-Sounders Coin Toss atop the Space Needle

  1. If you don’t wanna support your local team then don’t support it, but once you support a team you have to show dedication….
    I haven’t been to Manchester but I’ve been a fan since I could understand the sport since I was 5 years old

  2. i dont give a fuck about football/ soccer whether its local or nonlocal. im just sayin u sound like quite the faggot talkin shit about another team when they beat yours 7-0

  3. true, great teams dont need to have individuals although in many times they do! They have to have a great team and stability! Like united since ronaldo left I thought were unconvincing! But still did. And if chelsea can play together and villas boas brings stability then I dont see why chelsea cant be great! But first blues must win the champions league!

  4. Well you can be the best until someone proves they are better than you, as I said consistency is the key here and United have been constantly doing that for nearly two decades now so they are currently the greatest team in England. If Chelsea get they act together and start to dominate then maybe they will get a claim to being a great club.

  5. i dont think u understand i dont really give a fuck about soccer/football at all. im just sayin u sound like a fuckin idiot talkin about man u suckin and then they beat ur team 7-0

  6. No one cares what europosers like you think. Even REAL Man United supporters laugh at you. You’re the laughing stock of the footballing world, and you don’t even know it. Shows how dumb you really are. If you don’t know the significance of supporting LOCAL football, you don’t understand football at all.

  7. Manchester United have 3 European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles, 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and 1 UEFA Super Cup.

    Liverpool have 5 European Cup/UEFA Champions League titles, 3 UEFA Cup and 3 UEFA Super Cup.

    So yes Man U are more successful in England, but Liverpool are more successful in Europe. Which is better.

  8. well im from california and i was just explaining how horribly wrong u were, and now ur all butthurt and u realize that man u is way better than the shit sounders/ mls

  9. true, but you have to think. When liverpool were winning the titles in the 70’s and 80’s they were back then in that era, labled the best. Now its man utds era, they are labled the best. In italy, juve were labed the best but they cant even make the europa league, milan have done good but not consistantly. Barca and real share the same thing. I for one think that once fergie retires man utd may go down because great teams have good manager. So with chelsea, its a revoloution alongnow

  10. Fair point, but the League isn’t a Cup competition like the UCL etc. it is over 38 games and the luck factor is whittled down to more of a consistency factor. And consistently achieving League titles over 20 years can’t be down to luck alone, something else has to be there.

    I agree great teams don’t always win(Holland and Brazil(?) Spring to mind but for a team to consistently win and achieve more than their rivals indicates a level of greatness.

  11. but to win in football in cups, you need luck. Like in seasons you cant to an invincible every season. Some might say they didnt deserve the trophy, some say they did for particular reasons. Although im a believer in winning and going for glory, that can be decieving by saying the greats dont always win.

  12. In terms of players you are absolutely correct and I would never dispute that player X is greater than player Y but in terms of teams especially in the Prem it is quite clear who is the greatest, the team who has been dominant for the better part of two decades now and who has more domestic cups than their nearest rivals

  13. I really dont think there should be a greatest team thung at all or player! As evey team or player has faults! Like messi or ronaldo, pele and maradonna, barca, united, real madrid, ajax, milan! I think they are all good in their own rights! as well as having faults. But I dont agree with the greatest thing!

  14. My dear child, whether you choose to admit or not Manchester United are the greatest….our trophy haul and impressive list of world class past and present players attest to that. I really hope you don’t bring up the referee myth unless you will most certainly be embarrassed(yet again)

  15. @RonaldhoIsAWanker


    Are Voss, Estrada, Keller, Evans, Fucito, Levesque all under 21? Kindly do one, you are embarrassing yourself

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