Major League Soccer is still not right up there in terms of the game standard

The Major League Soccer is still not right up there in terms of the game standard, but, the way it is developing every season, the time is not that far away when it will start giving tough competitions to the big leagues in Europe.

The fan following of some of the teams in MLS is just remarkable.

Seattle Sounders probably have got the most passionate fans. In almost every game that they play at their home stadium, it happens to be jam packed.

The average no. of people that were present during the home matches of the Sounders the previous season was more than 43000 and that’s not bad at all.

It’s actually better a number than what some of the clubs in Premier League achieve.

And, not only do the Sounders’ fans come in big numbers, they create an electric atmosphere too. They are full of passion, make noise, sing songs and stand right behind their team.

If you attend a Seattle home game, you would actually get to know what a popular team it is in America at the moment.

And, it’s not only about Seattle; the support for a couple of other teams is of the same intensity and that is only good for the MLS.

There is a lot of catching up still to do for MLS as far as getting in the top bracket of the Football Leagues is concerned, but, Soccer is a game which is on the rise in America and for that, one needs to spare a thought for the administrators of the United States Federation too.

They often get criticized for various issues, but, one will have to acknowledge that despite a lot of problems, they have worked hard to take the league in the right direction.