25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs. San Jose Earthquakes

  1. Tough loss for Sounders at home to the ‘Quakes. Great attacking play from
    both sides made it fun to watch as many opportunities presented itself.
    Congrats to Zakuani for scoring his first goal in maaaaany months 🙂

  2. No I’m sorry, hes a bitch. The defender was just trying to help him up.
    Montero was an ass hole. And also a bitch.

  3. Not that it happened in this game, but Seattle should NOT be allowed to
    wear those green jerseys, OR those cyan jerseys against another team
    wearing green.

  4. montero is just a bitch, he complains, fouls and act like it wasn’t his
    fault and dives and cries to the ref.

  5. So word on the street in seattle the fans want there money back?! Fucking
    bitches. Vamos united!!

  6. San Jose Earthquakes – benefactors of always playing Seattle with out their
    Captain on the roster. Also professional divers Also never really have to
    compete in more games than the MLS. While Seattle balances Open Cup,
    CONCACAF, and MLS. Glad a single-competition team is riding the shoulders
    of one player (Wondo) and then diving to the ground. Ugly ass football

  7. Well, Ochoa did hit the crossbar, and Estrada nearly got on the end of that
    sweet ball by Montero.

  8. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh my god.
    good one. I love MLS..but hell nooo.

  9. no he isn’t a bitch for that. I understand his reaction, he was pissed that
    he missed the header. You just quickly judge people, that is all.

  10. have you seen the type of goals hes scored and hes only 25, also hes being
    scouted by european teams, is anybody from san jose no so i rest my case

  11. well now you can enjoy not going to the next ccl cuz you wont win the cup
    lol. and quakes were in open cup til the semi you tard. montero dives like
    a bitch all the time. stay mad.

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