25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers | March 16, 2013

  1. With the fewest games played, a strong offense, and one of the best
    defenses in the league… and I’m saying that conservatively…

  2. I’ve seen the numbers and gone to the games, so I’m well aware of the
    standings. We’re in last, but our worst start in Sounders MLS history
    mirrors Portland’s entire MLS history. You also misunderstood my joke about
    Scum Army unemployment because you’re not Cascadian. They’re usually 2
    percentage points higher in unemployment than Seattle, and the occupy
    movement is still big there. In any case, while I respect Dynamo’s fans and
    club, no one was talking to you.

  3. So, the Blazers won, because we don’t have an NBA team, but you don’t have
    an MLB or NFL team…. And you’re second in the west? You’ve played more
    games than most, and you’ve tied out the asshole. Granted though, up the
    Cascadia rivalry. We want you in the playoffs, and you’re doing better than
    you have ever done, but that isn’t saying much. Seattle is on their second
    best start to the season, just a week or two ago it was our worst… And
    we’ve made playoffs every year. Give it some time

  4. Pretty sure they were booing the TImbers… you know, their most hated
    rivals who ruined their victory last minute?

  5. Not oversized for long, and we sell it out completely multiple times a
    year. I agree that we need our own stadium. but the problems are a: finding
    where to build it and b: how big do you make it? Sounders average
    attendance has risen every single season. Do you make it a 40,000 seater? A
    60,000 seater? It would be terrible to make a state of the art stadium and
    have it be too small in a couple of years

  6. Rangers is a great club, they’ll be back on top in a few years. Blue
    support grew quite a bit here when they picked up Beasley, Edu, and then
    Boca. Easiest way to gain a Yank following: sign our National Team. I
    didn’t hate Celtic until we played their sister club, Santos Laguna. Celtic
    sent an open letter to Tims living here telling them to wear their hoops to
    our turf to support a Mexican team. It didn’t sit well. Houston is good
    with passionate supporters, just not enough of them.

  7. That industrial area you’ve got next to safeco and century link is pretty
    wide open. I’d put down a nice 40,000 seater right there with a nice grass
    field (I dont know what we’re doing here in portland). I don’t think demand
    for mls is ever really going to go much higher than 40k and they could
    always just play big games at centurylink. The sad thing about jeld-wen is
    that it can’t really be expanded much more without basically tearing
    everything down 🙁

  8. I get what you’re saying about our pre-MLS numbers, but our team played
    outside Seattle and competed with several major sports for coverage. Other
    than the Blazers, what other sport have the Timbers ever competed with for
    media coverage? In any case, pre-MLS numbers mean little. If they meant
    anything, Portland would have a more functional FO that didn’t fire good
    coaches mid-season. Then again, losses would make me nervous too if my fans
    liked to carry around hatchets.

  9. Nope. Rent free. Seahawks partnership. We’re one of the few teams in MLS
    making money. The “CLink” stadium is built for both American and
    Association football. It’s a well run club.

  10. Nobody heard the TA unless you were in the visitor sections and it just
    happened to be the 90th minute on. Your bias is showing Doubt anybody would
    leave deaf with a 45,000 seat stadium unless that increases the membership
    in the TA. Portland would just have more of those casual/bandwagon fans who
    won’t make the noise unless it’s one of those few times Portland is winning
    a match, the same thing the Timber fans accuse Seattle fans of being. I’ve
    noticed Jeld-Wen’s attendance moving slowly up.

  11. I’m a dynamo fan, but both teams have good fan base and stadium plus Eddie
    Johnson is a beast and I hope he scores a lot in the 2014 World Cup for the

  12. How about this. You guys are currently last in the entire league. We are
    tied for 5th and a point behind 4th. Also, unemployed scum army? With that
    logic, your emerald city supporters are also all unemployed as well as
    every other supporters group in America.

  13. the only reason i dont go San Jose to watch Portland is the high school
    stadium they have js

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