25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs Philadelphia Union, May 5, 2012

  1. critical

    Americans stop now even play soccer. that’s an order. Why do not you play hocky or basketball? soccer is for the people of Brazil ok! I am a girl living the city of Rio de Janeiro and not accept it! stop soccer, I’m ordering!

  2. North American football, or as they call it soccer, is really coming up on it’s own. The game is fast paced, dynamic, albeit riddled with mistakes, but fun to watch. Stadiums are packed and the crowds are up to the task.

    When will we see north american, south american and european Championship League wrapped into a single competition? That will be the day.

  3. damn…. this is a Seattle team WITHOUT Fernandez or Zakuani. just imagine what kind of team they would be when those two guys return…

  4. You think were good now. Just wait untill Steve Zakuani (who said he will be back this summer) and Fernandez are back. Can’t fucking wait!!!! I love the combo of Eddie Rosales and Montero. Montero is world class. Our defence is also much better with Alonso only getting better and our new GK. MLS Cup here we come.

  5. why the fuck is freddy montero still in mls :o? no offense but he could be in other leagues like the bundesliga or primera divisiion

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