23 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: Seattle Sounders vs. LA Galaxy

  1. Also – it’s called The Beautiful Game for a reason. You should all be glad the US is trying to grow the sport, instead of ignore it. Kids are starting to KEEP playing it, because of games like this. Today’s Tim Howard, was yesteryear’s Kasey Keller. Keep it classy.
    I get that MLS is a young league, but it’s got a fire. The idea is to let it burn slow and grow naturally.

  2. Chelsea ended the EPL season at the 6th place. 30 rough points away from Manchester City. And now the MLS All Star team barely defeated Chelsea in its pre-season tour. Id love to see how good Seattle or LA would do against an EPL All Star team, under similar circumstances.

    I’m not trying to point out how good the EPL is, but the average level is definitely higher. And although Chelsea won the European Champions League, it is not as good as it would seem.

    PS: Didier Drogba.

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