25 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHTS: FC Dallas vs Seattle Sounders FC, May 9, 2012

  1. I’m from Dallas and that’s easily true. I think a lot of it has to do with how far the stadium actually is from Dallas, where you would probably find the bigger fans. It’s about an hour away and most people around here think the MLS sucks anyways haha

  2. Actually I was right, (I knew I wasn’t crazy) Meredith played against Monterrey on Oct 18th in Seattle (I thought it was in Monterrey). We lost that game.

  3. That’s right, it was Boss in Monterrey. But, Meredith played against Seattle in the USOC and did quite well, that’s what I meant in that part.

  4. There’s a problem; the stadium is not in Dallas, it’s several miles away in Frisco. I don’t know about fans based in Frisco itself, but I doubt many want to make the long drive back and forth.

  5. Chivas needs to move to Miami. They need a team down there and most of the people speak Spanish (Chivas is based on a Mexican team), and they really like soccer.

  6. Alonso, Montero, and Fernandez either didn’t play the whole game… or didn’t play at all, and look at this domination. Rosales needs to FINISH there, though hahah. He’s too good at putting in the through ball haha he needs to work on his finishing! Seattle is a WICKED good team. A few questions….what’s the deal with Gspurning? How long is he out for?

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