25 thoughts on “Emerald City Supporters – Boom, Boom, Clap

  1. I know, I turned them on the other day and I thought was surely seeing some European game or something.  And I was like, Holy crap, these are AMERICAN football fans?! I’ve never seen such enthusiastic fans before, at least on this side of the pond!

  2. As a die hard Montreal Impact fan, I really haven’t payed much attention to the Western Conference prior to this season. But now I can say that my team to follow in the West is Seattle. You’re impressed me! GO SOUNDERS GO

  3. bahaha you’re so threatened by soccer it’s pathetic. I mean seriously, coming to youtube video’s just to make things up…Sad life you lead.

  4. I remmeber going to a sounders game and a mariners game was at the same exact time…both stadiums are like right across the street from each other….marlins said they could hear us all the way from safeco…..that shiz cray

  5. Seattle has fans at games. because if you go to chuck e cheese. they offer a buy a pizza get 7 free sounder game tickets. I was late for a sounders game and the scalper told me. He would take the change in my pocket. To be a sounder fan you should show 2 skills. 2 hands to clap when they tell you, and to yell loud if others are yelling loud. If you cant go get your hair spray painted to show your support.

  6. seattle is an awesome city and have the best fans in the mls… i’m a new yorker and i visited seattle a little while ago and loved it… maybe because it didn’t rain my entire time there (lucky i know) but nevertheless a beautiful city

  7. I did look it up. MLS has disbanded the Tampa Bay Mutiny and Miami Fusion in the history of the league. The NBA has disbanded The Anderson Meat Packers, Baltimore Bullets, Chicago Stags, Cleveland Rebels, Denver Nuggets (1950), Detroit Falcons, Indianapolis Jets, Indianapolis Olympian, Pittsburg Ironmen, Providence Steamrollers, Sheboygan Redskins, St Louis Bombers, Toronto Huskies and Washington Capitols.

    MLS: 2 disbanded teams
    NBA: 14 disbanded teams

  8. If you’re talking revenue generated, then yes, soccer is behind all those sports. That’s mainly due to broadcasting contracts. If you’re talking attendance, then you may want to check your facts. Soccer is the #3 sport in the US, behind football and baseball and ahead of hockey and basketball.

    Average attendance 2011
    NFL – 66,960
    MLB – 30,352
    MLS – 17,872
    NBA – 17,319
    NHL – 17,126

  9. @innoutpandaexpree …..continued….

    I understand that Soccer is VERY popular in Europe and S.A….that’s great for those continents, but here in the U.S, it just doesn’t interest the public that much.

    Sure the WC is exciting….but that only happens ONCE every FOUR years!!!

    The other three years….NO ONE CARES!!!

    MLS is growing….but it’s STILL behind Hockey, NASCAR, Tennis, and Golf.

    Sorry, but it WILL NEVER be what it is in Europe…..it just won’t.

  10. OK….please understand there is a HUGE difference when I say Soccer will NEVER be popular and “Soccer can work”…


    The U.S Women team is one of the best and the Men have showed a lot of improvement.

    HOWEVER….that doesn’t mean it will EVER be popular….it just WON’T!!!

    There are TOO MANY sports ahead of Soccer in the U.S including Baseball, Basketball, even Hockey.

  11. The league is only 15. Compared to other countries, the sport is brand now here. It’s gonna take time to grow. And it is growing (more teams, more stadiums, more attendance, more tv viewers, the last world cup drew in record American viewership,) Yes there is still much work to be done, but there is no doubt the sport is heading in the right direction.Soccer CAN work in this county. The proof doesn’t lie.

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