25 thoughts on “Eden Hazard's First GOAL for Chelsea vs. Seattle Sounders: World Football Challenge

  1. well… come May next year we will actually know for sure until then no one knows really, however unlike shitty man tud fans i hope Kagawa is good and Eden is Good too because whoever they may play for they are both playing in the prem now and that is only good for all us fans. so really who fucking cares who’s better let the PFA decide that come may and lets look forward to what may be tightest battle for the league ever.

  2. fuck chelski you’ll still be as unstable as you were last year what a lucky champions league win. just beacause you’ve buyed one player who is good, GO GUNNERS:Podolski,Giroud,van der wiel and Sahin! 2004 we’ll return

  3. So anything with “emirates” automatically becomes directly related to Arsenal?Ever heard of United Arab EMIRATES?!Your username could be Arsenalfan and you yet,you COULD be a troll.And,since I am not from England does that mean that I can’t support my team?Of course I expect my team to win this season.This,once again proves your pure, plain stupidity.You can be a Chelsea fan United fan Arsenal fan or whatever but WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT OF BEING A FAN AND NOT EXPECTING YOUR TEAM TO FUCKING WIN?

  4. the fact you are calling people dumb yet ironically you cannot spell is hilarious so shut the fuck up an take a seat you know nothing about football

  5. you just wrote me a small SA.. with the overall point being im stupid.

    but yet you ‘assume’ im an arsenal fan

    so your not local, your foreign and you expect you will win this season.. fuck me you are a typical gloryhunting cunt.

  6. See? Idiots are everywhere. First of all, I have no idea why the hell you think I live in Kensington. Second, why will I kill myself because of your pathetic logic? I mean, seriously, what are you,12? Pardon me for not understanding that “Jog on” shit, I am not English. And, “a comedic reference”? If you’re talking about yourself, then it IS a comedic reference…you’re ridiculously stupid. I’m assuming you’re a gunner, so, please, kindly fuck off and just watch us win this season.

  7. what do they teach you in those schools in kensington.. its not a comedic reference, if we had this conversation on the street you would not still be giving it lemon.
    IN SIMPLE ENGLISH: take a knife too yourself

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