23 thoughts on “Eden Hazard vs Seattle Sounders (Pre-Season) 12-13 By EdenHazard10i

  1. ahhhh yes imagine mata marin and hazard with lampard behind them, amazing,
    and all the manchester united fans, ” yes i respect you enough to say your club name correctly ” if you want to troll dont watch the chelsea videos, those are for chelsea fans only

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  4. So you’re a white-collar worker… good. I’m impressed, really. Now is this conversation over? I’d like to spend my time more usefully for once 😛

  5. That is impressive. But I’m only 18, what do you expect from me lol… I’m just starting out. But I was selected from a pool of over 300 applicants to work in an office environment in the school district’s IT department. I attended meeting, created an Android app without any guidance, conducted Google Analytics reports and designed part of the mobile website, etc. It was a good experience. I haven’t started my career yet, I still plan to get my Masters at the University of Toronto.

  6. Officially I’m no longer a child, I’m 18 now. Sorry to waste your time then. Glad we can end this pointless convo. I’m always going to support United though, in England at least. I just want to understand, if most of the players are foreign why can’t I support them, if I really like the club and will stick by them through good times and bad? But I do support my local clubs first, I just like their brand of football and they’re the first English club I’ve ever watched play a match. good day sir

  7. And if you must know, i’m currently a First Officer for British Airways. However, i’m sure your internship in creating your school’s chess club webpage is much more impressive than flying aircraft.

  8. Who’s the tool…is this conversation actually happening. You are still a child. That all sounds very impressive, for somebody your age. Congratulations. I’ll push aside your feeble attempt to mock “the middle class”, of the country your so-called team plays for (so in that alone, you are mocking yourself); as you are clearly a naive little child that I no longer have the time for.

  9. and actually I do support clubs from my country(ies), half my family lives in Italy and support AC Milan, and my dad’s side is completley Romanian , I’ve lived there, and support U Craiova. I support them ahead of United, United is my English club, I started supporting them mostly as a fav club in England only, but not as much as Milan and Craiova… plus I do have links to them as I have second cousins who live in Great Manchester and my neighbour is a huge United fan.

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