24 thoughts on “ECS Tifo Display vs Timbers

  1. No it does not come down to the stadium size or the size of your group….it all about heart and´╗┐ nothing else…but Im glad to see this kinda development in the US…check those two “small” groups out: /watch?NR=1&v=EGy-expiZyg&feature=endscreen

    greets from Frankfurt, Germany Home of Ultras Frankfurt 1997

  2. spoken like someone who doesn’t realize Seattle had only half the fans Portland had in the USL days. Hey do me(and yourself) a favor… look up soccer city usa & see what city comes up. PORTLAND OREGON, BABY!!!´╗┐

  3. I am a european and ultras my whole life , this is a´╗┐ good choreographie from Seattle however I have to say I prefer´╗┐ Portland supporters

  4. Seatle tifo was incredible, but i dont think people realize that the´╗┐ amount of timber ssupporters there is about the number of supporters in a supporters group at a home match for some of these MLS teams.

  5. it’s such high quantity BECAUSE of the Quality. Seattle has an incredible fan base. Portland´╗┐ does too. but i sincerely doubt they would have the attendance we do even if they had the stadium. Sounders til I die!

  6. It’s not surprising that Portsc*m fans would say that. Quantity is measurable; quality is not. So what is the´╗┐ empirical evidence that Portsc*m has more quality than Seattle. If by quality, you mean quantity of meth used per capita, then yes, Portsc*m has much more quality.

  7. I find it funny that you’re correcting him on spelling, but´╗┐ are unaware that the proper term is “cannot.” Also, there should have been a comma after the word “in.”

  8. that´╗┐ would be a punctuation error not a spelling error. But i appreciate your feed back. I hope your Dr. Seus books are helping you reed…

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