25 thoughts on “Between the Lines: Osvaldo Alonso's USMNT future

  1. Osvaldo Alonso is the best CM/DM in the MLS. After watching him play with Sounders every game since 2009, I know this guy if paperwork goes through is USMNT star player and if you don’t believe me then watch the MLS All-star game 2012 vs. Chelsea he was soooooooooo good and even saved All-stars in goal conceding moments. He is the engine room of the Sounders and I believe he can do it USMNT without a doubt. Hope paperwork goes through and it out:)

  2. I don’t get you point in the first comment. Anyways, as I have said I rate Alonso higher. That is my opinion. I am sure you would not have rated Holden higher than Bradley when Holden was at Houston but he showed he was right after his move to Bolton. Not everyone has an eye for talent.

  3. So what it’s not like Bradley wasn’t scouted and judged? Alonso has more defensive ability then Bradley, but everything else is none sense. Bradley has better vision, and passing ability. I would love Alonso on the team but let’s not go crazy and say he is better than players who are proven.

  4. It is called scouting and judging talent. Alonso’s ability is not the reason he is not pllaying in europe. It was because of his immigration issues and all that. Alonso has better ability than Bradley.

  5. I am asking how can you say Alonso is going to be a star, and is overall better than Bradley, when Bradley already is one. Your ability directly correlates you to being a ‘star’ or not. Which Bradley shows by playing in Europe.

  6. @ShaneOheff8 Again, I didn’t say that. If you watched the video, you would’ve seen that Alonso was being mentioned as better than Edu. Also, I know all those players I mentioned have American citizenship…which why I said they have “American passports”. Simple read. If I was Mexican and tried make the same point about the Mexico national team, the point would’ve came across easier.

  7. @ShaneOheff8 No, apparently you didn’t get the main point of what I was trying to say. I never said I didn’t want any these players on the team, rather I said I wanted the home grown players to have more priorty and commitment. I believe the home grown players should be given more a chance, because I believe they have the potential. While you’re right in saying this country has the freedom for anybody to come, that isn’t the main culture. Almost every country has that freedom.

  8. You apparently have no clue what being American is. America is based on immigration and the belief that every person has the right to be free and chase their dream. If you came to this country and love this country then you are American.

    Also how do you figure that German born players to American Soldiers are not Americans?

  9. He is overall better and the second part of your comment is nonsense. It is not like Alonso’s ability is the reason he is not already a star for the national team. He happens to not be eligible at the moment for the team because he was already a star for another national team

  10. True, but most ‘foreign’ players are better than most players in our player pool. We can’t just play all home grown players and watch them possibly fail. That wouldn’t be fair to them or our nation, plus it could discourage the generation after them from playing the game we love. Sometimes you just got to wait and let the home growns blossom off the international stage.

  11. I agree with you. The only REAL americans are the native americans. So basically this truly is the land of all. In reality. Mexicans, Africans, Cubans, Koreans, Vietnamese, Russians, Germans, even our English lads. If you are raised here your heart is here. Support the U.S.A it’s everyone’s team. That’s what makes the U.S.A stand out.

  12. @ProtoZeroEXE No I certainly agree with that context, but what I’m trying to say is the home-grown ppayers should be given more commitment and belief rather than having foreign nationals turned American residents play for the USMNT. I’m all for having that type of player(s) help the squad, but not so much a whole roster of them. US Soccer and Klinsmann neee to believe in the American players.

  13. But isn’t that what are country is about. I know it is cliche, but we truly are just a giant melting pot of the world. So what is wrong with our national team taking on that image?

  14. I agree Alonso is better than Bradley as defensive mid, but isn’t overall better. He can be a star with the national team, but Bradley already is one.

  15. well you can play for the country of your birth or a country you have citizenship in. The point of that is to allow players to play for the country that they feel loyalty to and want to represent. It’s not like they’re getting paid on the national team, so if they feel that the US is their home and they want to play for us, then that’s more of a compliment then an insult

  16. The USMNT needs to stick with their home grown players. I believe Edu still has a lot of room to improve and could be just as good as Alonso. What the team needs is another good center back paired up with Geoff Cameron (potenially Omar Gonzalez or George John), and a real left back.

  17. I don’t mean to be cynical, but what does it say about US soccer when they need immigrant players with American passports or naturalization status instead of their own home grown players? To me, that sends a bad message about the status of the game here. The USMNT already has Jermaine Jones, Fabian Johnson, Terrence Boyd, maybe Tim Chandler and Alfredo Morales; all who are Germans with American passports.

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