25 thoughts on “Alex Morgan Talks Sounders Women, Summer Olympics, Team USA

  1. wow lol. as long as he doesnt do that frequently hes alright in my book haha. at least he was standing up for his girl though. if alex was my gf id me pissed as hell if someone hit on her lol.

  2. Yeah, I say that because one night we all went to a frat party and he was talking mad shit to somebody for trying to hit on Alex. He eventually ripped off his shirt trying to fight the guy, and it turns out the guy was a bad ass and I saw him beat Serrando’s ass until me and like 4 other guys pulled the dude off of him. The guy was seriously way smaller than Carrasco. It was mad funny! Alex just left right when it started to happen ^_^ He’s a nice guy don’t get me wrong but he can be a dickhead.

  3. Yeah, haha. I sat behind her in an economics class at Cal, and one day she leaned forward to grab a paper and she let one go! Haha, I have to say, it was a stinky one:P

  4. Too bad… I recall reading something about the women’s preeminent pro league being recently defunct. Teams are either dissolved or they’re just waiting in limbo hoping a new league is formed.

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