15 thoughts on “2012 Highlights – vs University of Washington 05/04/12

  1. Type in “USL live on Unation” into google search and click on the first link that comes up…you can watch all the games from any team in the USL

  2. I’m not sure what song they’re singing but the singers are the Jet City Auxiliary, supporters of the Seattle Sounders Women. They have a website with their songs and chants there. If you’re interested. Just Google their name.

  3. Excellent match! I was literally glued to my computer screen for all 90 min! Thank you for putting the effort in to broadcast these games and upload these videos!

  4. It was a great game. The midfield tore it up. Perez, Winters, and Rapinoe are a deadly combo. Stephanie Cox was awesome. UW came to play. It was awesome. Can’t wait for the next one.

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