11 thoughts on “2012 Highlights – vs Seattle University 4/13/2012

  1. From when to when is the w-league 2012 soccer season?? i’m moving to seattle in september and i want to watch the matches especially with the addition of the uswnt players!

  2. The W-League has been around for years. It has 30 teams. It’s comprised of 3 conferences that encompass 4 divisions. Seattle plays in its Western Conference. The WPSL was founded in 1998. Their 2012 season has 75 teams. Both leagues are amateur. WPSL Elite is a branch off from WPSL. It launched in response to the suspension (demise) of WPS. WNY and Boston were invited to play in the league in 2012. Neither league is owned or operated by WPS. WPSL Elite has plans to expand and go pro or semi-pro.

  3. Hey guys can some one please explain to me what going on with prof. womens soccer in America? I know the WPS suspended play for the year but now I am seeing a bunch of different leagues sprout up like W-League/USL and the WPSL. So whats the deal, are they all the same or different entities?

  4. It was nice to see Sydney Leroux have a strong night. I have been watching her progress over the last few years and I am glad the Pia brought her up to the WNT. She and Alex Morgan are the future and their playing together will help their chemistry. The no-look pass on Morgan’s goal vs. SPU was brilliant. Keep up the great play!

  5. This game was really fun to watch. Seattle University presented more of a challenge than Seattle Pacific University and the speed of play was faster than that first game. The team is starting to mesh well and I can’t wait for them to play Vancouver (with Leroux I hope). And Keelin Winters…I see why Pia called her up. She had a really good night. I hope she does play in Germany she will only get better. Great start Seattle. Let’s see if you can keep it up.

  6. bummer that alex didn’t play today.rather have her healthy for the uswnt though.her knee is probably why she got subbed out early yesterday..anyways, great win. (:

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