Marko Marin’s FIRST GOAL for Chelsea vs. Seattle Sounders: World Football Challenge 2012

Seattle Sounders Online video Score: four / 5

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  1. epic comment

  2. oh darling, be thankful for what you get!

  3. watch?v=ZntIhYrgph8 the same goal… de ja vu

  4. He is certainly much more skilled than Podolski – Although we`ll probably never find out how skilled Podolski really is because he is a spoiled brat!

    Marin is amazingly talented but had a lot of problems with injuries the last two years and the fact that after Oezil left Bremen everyone was putting the pressure on his shoulders!

    He`ll certainly will have to put on a little bit more weight and learn to play more rational!

  5. Well… Marin was born in former Yugoslavia and his ethnicity is serbian – Although his parents moved to Germany when he was two years old I guess the language they spoke at home was serbian (note: Marin has a the german university entrance diploma and german citizenship – So no reason for the jealous “he is not german-bullshit”).

    Through the fact that there are no other germans playing at Chelsea Ivanovic might be a big help for him to acclitamize!

  6. Ivanovis is Classic!!! he could go on to be a captain in blues shirt, what he did to Marko was very encouraging, up blues!!!

  7. marko’s going to be a chelsea legend

  8. Sturridge’s number 07957996530

  9. Marko do his best on the match!

  10. Marko Marin es pequeño de estatura pero es un gran jugador

  11. i think it should be marin because he is german hahahahaha 😉

  12. exactly ^^ !!!! and i bet you also know who is my favorite player lol

  13. yes he is a very good player, and what is you favourite team, i think chelsea

  14. indeed great team ^^. with a futur great talent : Lewis Holtby 😉

  15. You know at least they are good quality so calm your fucking tits bro.

  16. I am supporting the best team on this planet, SCHALKE 04 😉

  17. Bleach7Chelseafanx

    It deflected. His goal and Lukaku’s 2nd both took deflections off defenders.

  18. LOL wtf is that keeper doing he should have saved that with ease

  19. i think he ‘s really good. I love his skills and his profil and i’m pretty sure he’ll be very strong in a team like Chelsea. what is the German team that you support ?

  20. Septemb Liniste

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    2.Search this : Chelsea 4-2 Seattle Goalshighlights GD

  21. Юрий Краснощок

    ooh Quest Field I miss you

  22. The Brani and Marin Relationship <3

  23. SuperMarin!

    May he produce many magical moments for Chelsea, I know he’s capable of that!

  24. Lol Ivanovic. That’s cute. Baby Marko.